Visiting Centers

We currently have two visit centers. One in Paragould and one in Jonesboro. These centers provide a safe, family friendly, and private environment for children in foster care to visit weekly with their biological families. Our centers have games,crafts, and activities that families can do together. Previously, these visits took place in local DHS offices, McDonalds, and parks. We are hoping to expand to other counties in Northeast Arkansas.

Manna Meals

We have Manna Meals Freezers located in Greene and Craighead Counties. These freezers are stocked with frozen meals for foster families when they receive a new child in their home. 3-4 frozen meals are delivered to allow families time to focus on welcoming the new child into their home. It allows families to build a relationship with their new placement and not have to worry about what’s for dinner.

Clothing Closets

We currently have two clothing closets one located in Paragould, and one located in Jonesboro.

Paragould Location – 4812 #9 Walcott Road

Jonesboro Location – 1845 Grant Avenue 

Donation drop offs

Donation drop offs are currently only at our Paragould location. 4812 #9 Walcott Road-near urgent care in center hill. We are working on getting one set up in Jonesboro.


Lindsay Roberts, Executive Director – (870)476-6424


Tonya Wright, Board President – (870) 897-0814